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Jan 24, 2021


Folxlore is a queer horror audio drama set in Glasgow. Each episode intertwines the tales of queer inhabitants of the city as their lives oscillate between the mundane and supernatural. Folxlore asks the question: If paranoia is common sense, how can you tell if you're being unreasonable?


Feb 23, 2020


It's over...for now...

A collaboration between In The Works and Tin Can Audio.

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Feb 23, 2020

CW: mental illness, loss of a child, and unreliable perceptions of reality.

Being a new parent means not knowing what you’re doing. It’s normal. Not knowing what you’ve done? That’s terrifying… All I asked for was some sleep.


Written by Bibi June [they/them]

Performed by Bibi...

Feb 23, 2020

CW: transphobia, references to anti-trans violence, anxiety, a reference to suicidal thoughts, and claustrophobia.

The world is filled with dark figures when you can’t find it in you to look up. Good luck trying to work out the shape of the danger that surrounds you.


Written by Syd...

Feb 23, 2020

Some doors are locked for a reason. That’s what makes them so appealing. Everyone knows that. Every thing does too.


Written by Ross McFarlane [he/him]

Performed by Ross McFarlane, Bibi June [they/them] and Syd Briscoe [he/him]

Recorded and Edited by David Devereux [he/him]

Artwork by J...