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Jan 15, 2023

Back in February 2021 the Folxlore team sat down on the Tin Can Audio Twitch channel to talk through our pilot episodes. 

Here is the audio from our discussion around Episode 1: Werehouse.

Episode transcript:

Written by Ross McFarlane [he/him]
Performed by Ross McFarlane, Bibi June [they/them] and...

Oct 11, 2022

Listen to VALENCE:

VALENCE is a serialized fiction podcast by Hug House Productions featuring a full cast and full sound design. VALENCE is an urban fantasy audio drama that deals with themes of abuse, trauma, queer identity, marginalization, rebellion, found family, breaking cycles, and hope....

Mar 28, 2021

“The building doesn’t like it when you make so much noise.”


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An In The Works x Tin Can Audio production.

Written by Syd Briscoe (he/him), Bibi June (they/them),...