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Apr 11, 2021

“The two genders: the boy who cries wolf and Cassandra”


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An In The Works x Tin Can Audio production. 

Written by Syd Briscoe (he/him)

Syd Briscoe as Charlie

David Devereux (he/they) as the Alt-text

With additional voices from Ross McFarlane (he/him) and Bibi June (they/them)

Sound design by David Devereux

Episode art by J M Fyffe (they/them)

Graphic design by Bibi June.

Supported by Creative Scotland

CONTENT WARNINGS: Paranoia and anxiety [throughout], Mentions of trauma, traumatic flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and coping mechanisms [throughout], Mentions of therapy [05:08-05:30], Mentions of transphobia/homophobia [05:20-5:55], Dysphoria [05:20-5:55], Alcohol/drinking mention [09:15-09:25], Insect sounds [14:25-14:38], and Panic and self-doubt [23:05-24:46]